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Welcome to the Langtree Parish Council website

This was created to enable those who use our village, as residents or visitors, to access practical information about the Parish Council, the village and the local area.

Langtree is valued for its attractive setting and vibrant community which combine to make it a uniquely appealing place to live in and visit.

The parish councillors all give their time on a voluntary basis and work hard to ensure that the village continues to be a pleasant place to live, work and visit. As the third tier of local government, operating below Torridge District Council and Devon County Council, all councillors are appointed via elections held every four years.

Visitors to the website can access information about the various areas of Council's business via the links on the navigation bar below.

We hope that you find this website a useful and interesting resource. If you have any suggestions for additional information that we could include, do please let us know.

Parish Council meetings are held every second Thursday of each month.

Details of the Langtree Parish Councillors are shown below

Mark Glover (Chairman)
Berry Cross, Langtree
01805 601713
Jenny Coles
Church Lane, Langtree
01805 601447
Colin Edworthy
The Green Dragon, Langtree
01805 601342
Geoff Bond
East Browns Farm, Langtree
01805 601240
David Ley
Lower Withacott, Langtree
01805 601247
Patrick Mitchell
Church Lane, Langtree
01805 601415
John Davies (Vice Chairman)
6, Southlands Drive, Langtree

01805 601693/ 07576 871385

 Anna Moseby

Gortlage, Langtree, Torrington,EX38 8PA

 01805 601155/07980 587802

 Penny Stowell

5 The Crescent, Langtree, Torrington, EX38 HNH

 01805 601198/078414 73181

 Linda Davies (Parish Clerk)
6,Southlands Drive Langtree, EX38 8RH
 01805 601693/ 07793 195234
Andrew Saywell (DCC Councillor)
Little East Badworthy Farm, Langtree, EX21 5RQ 
07886 446560

Chris Wheatley (TDC Councillor)

85A New Street , Torrington, EX38 8BT

079840 58661

Cheryl Cottle - Hunkin (TDC Councillor)
Woodhouse Farm, Petrockstowe EX20 3ET
074953 67801

All correspondence for the Council should be addressed to the Clerk:
Mrs Linda Davies of 6, Southlands Drive, Langtree, Great Torrington, Devon EX38 8RH. Tel 01805 601693, or by e-mail to


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