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2024 Langtree Parish Council minutes and agendas

  Minutes Agendas
     PC Agenda 11th April 2024
March  PC Minutes 14th March 2024  PC Agenda 14th March 2024
February  PC Minutes 8th February 2024  PC Agenda 8th February 2024
January   PC Minutes 11th January 2024  PC Agenda 11th January 2024



2023 Langtree Parish Council minutes and agendas

  Minutes Agendas
 December  PC Minutes 14th December 2023 PC Agenda 14th December 2023
November  PC minutes 9th November 2023  PC Agenda 9th November 2023
October  PC Minutes 12th October 2023 PC Agenda 12th October 2023
September  PC Minutes 14th September 2023 PC Agenda 14th September 2023
August  PC Minutes 10th August 2023 PC Agenda 10th August 2023
July  PC Minutes 13th July 2023 PC Agenda 13th July 2023
June  PC Minutes 8th June 2023 PC Agenda 8th June 2023
May  PC Minutes 11th May 2023 PC Agenda 11th May 2023
April  PC Minutes 13th April 2023 PC Agenda 13th April 2023
March  PC Minutes 9th March 2023 PC Agenda 9th March 2023
February  PC Minutes 9th February 2023 PC Agenda 9th February 2023
January  PC Minutes 12th January 2023 PC Agenda 12th January 2023



2022 Langtree Parish Council minutes and agendas

  Minutes Agendas
December  Meeting minutes 8th December 2022 PC Agenda 8th December 2022
November  Meeting minutes 10th November 2022 PC Agenda 10th November 2022
October  Meeting minutes 12th October 2022 PC Agenda 13th October 2022
July  Meeting Minutes 14th July 2022 PC Agenda 14th July 2022
June  Meeting minutes 9th June 2022 PC Agenda 9th June 2022
May  Meeting minutes 12th May 2022 PC Agenda 12th May 2022
April  Meeting minutes 14th April 2022 PC Agenda 14th April 2022
March  Meeting minutes 10th March 2022 PC Agenda 10th March 2022
February  Meeting minutes 10th February 2022 PC Agenda 10th February 2022
January  Meeting minutes 13th January 2022 PC Agenda 13th January 2022



2021 Langtree Parish Council minutes and agendas

  Minutes    Agendas
December  Meeting minutes 9th December 2021 PC Agenda 9th December 2021
November  Meeting minutes 11th November 2021 PC Agenda 11th November 2021
October  Meeting minutes 13th October 2021 PC Agenda 13th October 2021
September  Meeting minutes 9th September 2021 PC Agenda 9th September 2021
August  Meeting minutes 5th August 2021 PC Agenda 5th August 2021
July  Meeting minutes 8th July 2021 PC Agenda 8th July 2021
June  Meeting minutes 10th June 2021 PC Agenda 10th June 2021
May  Meeting minutes 19th May 2021 PC Agenda 19th May 2021
May   Annual Parish Meeting 2021
April  Meeting minutes 8th April 2021 PC Agenda 8th April 2021
February  Meeting minutes 11th February 2021 PC Agenda 11th February 2021
 January  Meeting minutes 14th January 2021  PC Agenda 14th January 2021



2020 Langtree Parish Council minutes and agendas

  Minutes    Agendas
18th December 2020  Meeting minutes 18th December 2020 Extraordinairy meeting to discuss MUGA future financing
December Meeting Not Held  
November Meeting Not Held  
October  Meeting minutes 8th October 2020 PC Agenda 8th October 2020
September  Meeting minutes 10th September 2020 PC Agenda 10th September 2020
August  Meeting minutes 13th August 2020 PC Agenda 13th August 2020
July  Meeting minutes 9th July 2020 PC Agenda 9th July 2020
June Meeting Not Held  
May Meeting Not Held  
April Meeting Not Held  
March  Meeting minutes 11th March 2020 PC Agenda 11th March 2020
February  Meeting minutes 13th February 2020 PC Agenda 13th February 2020
January  Meeting minutes 8th January 2020 PC Agenda 8th January 2020



2019 Langtree Parish Council minutes and agendas

  Minutes    Agendas
December  Meeting minutes 11th December 2019 PC Agenda 11th December 2019
November  Meeting minutes 14th November 2019 PC Agenda 14th November 2019
October Meeting not held Meeting not held
September  Meeting minutes 12th September 2019 PC Agenda 12th September 2019
August  Meeting minutes 8th August 2019 PC Agenda 8th August 2019
July  Meeting minutes 11th July 2019 PC Agenda 11th July 2019
June  Meeting minutes 13th June 2019 PC Agenda 13th June 2019
May  Meeting minutes 9th May 2019 PC Agenda 9th May 2019
April  Meeting minutes 11th April 2019 PC Agenda 11th April 2019
April  Draft Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 11th April 2019 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda
March  Meeting minutes 14th March 2019 PC Agenda 14th March 2019
February  Meeting minutes 14th February 2019 PC Agenda 14th February 2019
January  Meeting minutes 10th January 2019 PC Agenda 10th January 2019



2018 Langtree Parish Council minutes and agendas

  Minutes Agendas
December  Meeting minutes 13th December 2018 PC Agenda December 13th 2018
November  Meeting minutes 22nd November 2018 PC Agenda November 22nd 2018
October  Meeting minutes 11th October 2018 PC Agenda October 11th 2018
September  Meeting minutes 13th September 2018  PC Agenda September 13th 2018
August Meeting minutes 9th August 2018 PC Agenda August 9th 2018
July  Meeting minutes 12th July 2018 PC Agenda July 12th 2018
June Extra-ordinairy meeting minutes 26th June 2018  
June  Meeting minutes 14th June 2018 PC Agenda June 14th 2018
May  Meeting minutes 10th May 2018 PC Agenda May 10th 2018
April  Meeting minutes 12th April 2018 PC Agenda 12th April 2018
April  Draft Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 12th April 2018 Annual Parish Meeting 12th April 2018
March  Meeting minutes 8th March 2018 PC Agenda 8th March 2018
February  Meeting minutes 8th February 2018 PC Agenda February 8th 2018
January Meeting minutes 11th January 2018  



2017 Langtree Parish Council minutes and agendas

  Minutes    Agendas
December  Meeting minutes 12th December 2017  
November Meeting minutes 9th November 2017  
October Meeting minutes 12th October 2017  
September (extraordinairy) Meeting minutes 26th September 2017  
September Meeting minutes 15th September 2017  
August Meeting minutes 10th August 2017  
July Meeting minutes 13th July 2017  
June Meeting minutes 9th June 2017  
May Meeting minutes 11th May 2017  
April Meeting minutes 13 April 2017  
March Meeting minutes 9 March 2017  
February Meeting minutes 9 February 2017  
January  Meeting minutes 12 January 2017  


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