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Hobby Group -  By Sylvie Smith...
We are the "Crafty Women”
You’ll find us every week
“Crafting” in the Leader room
Come and take a peak.
You’d get a happy welcome
With coffee tea and treats
Why not bring a friend along?
As we have lots of seats!!!!
We make assorted items
Hardly any are the same.
So why not bring your craft along
And start your rise to fame!
Hobby Group

We meet every Tuesday morning at 10:30am in the Leader room, finishing at 12.30. It’s just £1 a morning which includes tea/coffee and biscuits, and sometimes cake! It’s not all craft of course, I mean, we have lots to discuss after all we have the world to put right!!!

Any queries call Sylvie 01805 601485.

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